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About Us

With a reputation spanning over 80 years, LG Harris & Co Ltd has revolutionised the decorating world with its focus on originality, ergonomics and aesthetics to produce a range of decorating products for the DIY and professional markets. Founded by Leslie George Harris in 1928, Harris Africa was established in Port Elizabeth in 1950 and has continued the ideals of quality products and the traditions of excellent customer service.

Over the years, Harris Africa has grown substantially from its early introduction to becoming a regional supplier to more than 350 customers ranging from the smallest of Independents to the largest of national Chains.  The company’s strong brand name is established as a market leader and is highly sought-after. Harris Africa provides the ultimate in value for money and is unmatched by any of the Harris competitors currently operating in the marketplace.

Harris Africa has also carefully sourced budget and economy ranges as a matter of necessity as local manufacturing costs and efficiencies have rendered these ranges uneconomical to produce locally. These ranges are strictly specified according to the Harris standards and receive the required quality control standards to ensure the consistent delivery of the quality expected of the Harris Brand. Here at Harris Africa, we recognise the discerning needs of the paint brush-buying Customers – be they Resellers, Wholesalers or End-users alike.

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