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Catalogue Harris Paint Brushes

Budget priced range targeted at the DIY market with a green beaver-tail wooden handle design, featuring a blend of pure Chinese bristle and synthetic filaments.

This range offers quality with excellent value for money to satisfy the trade in the DIY market. Manufactured with a mix of pure Chinese bristle and advanced synthetic filaments, featuring a striking burgundy handle.

The ideal choice for the professional painter and serious DIY user. This range is distinguished by its black-handled brushes and generous measure of fine Chinese bristle, often referred to as the "contractors brush" within the painting trade.

For the best painting finish, this top quality range guarantees satisfaction for the most discerning craftsmen. Manufactured from the longest bristle, this exclusive range is for use with all paint types and includes a comfortable super grip for superior results and a pleasurable painting experience.

The ultimate budget range imported from China. With a black wooden handle, this all-round economy product is regarded as a disposable brush with no expected reuse, but if cared for, can offer extended life.

Extremely hard-wearing and suitable for abrasive surfaces, this range is made with 100% pure synthetic filaments that will not come out while painting. This bright blue plastic handled brush range is recommended for use on masonry surfaces and is acid resistant.

With an untreated handle for economical pricing, this is an alternative budget range manufactured with pure blond Chinese bristle. Withstands aggressive cleaning.

Value for money brush sets, aimed to make any painting job easier

Ideal for covering large areas such as walls & roofs

Wooden & Plastic handles available.

An extensive collection of decorating tools. The brush range is most suitable for use with all paints and varnishes. Great quality with exceptional value.

Specialist brushes created to provide an excellent finish on both interior and exterior wood surfaces. Suitable for all preservatices and woodcare treatments. A world class timber care product.

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