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Paint Brushes
Harris Mini Brushes
Harris Minor Brushes
Harris Junior Brushes
Harris Senior Brushes
Harris Super Grip Brushes
Chimp Brushes
Harris Gold Brushes
Special Paint Brush Packs
Harris Block Distemper
White Wash Block Brushes
Downspout Radiator Brushes
Harris Taskmaster Brushes
Harris Woodcare Brushes
Harris Paint Rollers
Synthetic PVA Paint Rollers
Genuine Wool Paint Rollers
Sheepskin Paint Rollers
Taskmaster Paint Rollers
Econo PVA Paint Rollers
Super Fine Paint Rollers
Synthetic Enamel Paint Rollers
Special Paint Rollers
Special Foam Rollers
Paint Roller Handles
Paint Trays
Glassfibre Applicators
Harris Glassfibre Brushes
Special Paint Rollers for Glassfibre
Brooms & Squeegees
Sweeping Brooms
Sweeping Brooms with Plastic Sockets
Sweeping Brooms with Metal Grips
Bass Brooms
Platform Brooms
Gutter Brooms
Floor Squeegees
Broom,Rake & Mop Handles
Wet Mops
Broom,Rake &Mop Handles
Professional & Economy Painter's Tools
Harris Professional Painter's Tools
Harris Economy Painter's Tools
Harris Handsaws
Creative Effects For Various Painting Techniques
Creative Effects Products
Harris Paint Pads
Harris Stencil Brush
Harris Sash Tool
Harris Lining Fitches
Harris Signwriter's Fitches
Harris Artist Brushes
Signwriter's Lettering Brushes
Miscellaneous Builders Tools
Miscellaneous Painters Tools
Miscellaneous Cleaning Products
General & Hygiene Brushware
Harris Hygiene Brushware
Sanitary Brushes
Scrubbing Brushes
Body Brushes
Wire Brushes
Plastic Backs
Wooden Backs
Shoe Brushes
Feather Dusters
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